Hey, you want to know who you will
be sharing you'r day with, right? 
It's so important to find a photographer
who you really feel comfortable with.
                      Hi there, I am Anita and I am thrilled to meet you!
        I will be the quiet ninja running all around behind the camera.
                  My style is a little different,
                  I am not big on posed images,
                                    I prefer to capture your true authentic selves simply                                    enjoying your special day together


 About Me

I set my roots in the breathtaking state of Washington and have lived in Spokane for the past 19 years.  From Spokane I have discovered so many amazing locations to photograph your elopement wedding. 


You have the beauty of Eastern Washington as well as the breathtaking mountains of the Cascades.

I am surrounded by the Big sky of Montana and the rivers and lakes of Idaho. Literally the locations are endless not far from my beautiful home location.  The amazing coast line of Washington or Oregon are also epic locations not far away.

 However no where is too far to travel to capture your epic elopement wedding adventure and I cover my own expenses. 


I am a free spirit who is willing to cross rivers and climb mountains to help capture your intimate moments. Love knows no boundaries and adventure is calling!


Not only will I photograph your elopement wedding  but I will also help you plan it!


Fill out the contact form and we will set up a meeting to discuss your dream elopement.


Why Aspenglow



My roots are grounded in Colorado, fluttering aspen leaves and the surreal glow that pours through the trees reminds me of my Colorado adventures growing up and the calming experiences of enjoying nature. I love aspen groves


 Photography is about capturing moments and memories that would otherwise be forgotten.  

I believe photographs take you back to a specific place and time. A photograph can recreate the sweetness of life's special moments.


Soft words spoken, the smell of the air after a rain shower, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, or the calming sound of ocean waves.

Time has a way of taking memories away from us. Even special moments on a wedding day can be lost as the day rushes by so quickly. 

I want to capture memories in images that take you back to that exact moment in time.

I can't stop time from passing, but I can create images that become the whispers that carry you back in time to those special treasured moments.

A Peak at my life.

Things I love the most....

My family

My little dog Zoey


Little cabins in the woods

New adventures

I grew up in Colorado where I did a lot of camping with my free spirited Grandmother. She bought a converted Chevy van camper (so awesome) and we adventured all over the Colorado Rockies
My Grandmother taught me to love nature and the great outdoors. In fact the very first photograph I ever took was of her while out adventuring together.
In high school, I learned to process and create images in a dark room and I was hooked.  I fell in love with photography.
I have always taken pleasure in  photographing nature but  felt it needed the touch of human emotion.
Photographing elopement weddings is where I found the perfect combination of Love and nature and what makes my heart and soul happy.


My Team

My Hubby, Brad

Morning coffee is a must

to start his day.

He loves people and

the great outdoors

and ME!

He is by my side with positive vibes and encouragement and (Loves) helping carry my equipment on photography adventures..

Sierra Rose


Sierra learned lightweight backpacking in the majestic mountains of Colorado, and fell in love with the grounding energy of being in Nature. Sierra has  extensive backcountry skills including Wilderness first responder certification through the National Outdoor Leadership School of Wilderness Medicine. This specific and vigorous training is the industry standard for outdoor and backcountry guides. She brings so much love and energy to our team, and gets excited planning out the romantic details of camp set up and making everything on the elopement treks personal and special.

I love to see couples in Love

 I still get choked up when couples exchange their vows. What can I say? It is such an honor to be the one to tell your story with images. I want you to feel relaxed and free to be your authentic selves. And of course, I will be the morning coffee and hiking snack mama that I am.

What to expect when you choose Aspenglow photography as your Elopement wedding photographer

I love making new friends and I take what I do very personally. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your dreams with me as we work together planning and creating your elopement. 

The experience of your wedding day is so important to me, it’s a day of making memories that you will want to share tomorrow and for years to come. I want it to be an amazing experience for you. My greatest reward is having a couple who walks away so excited knowing their day was exactly the way they wanted and love the photographs that tell their wedding day love story. 


I grew up in Colorado and learned to love nature and the great outdoors while on many camping adventures with my Grandma. I want to protect this beautiful planet so I have the same opportunity to camp with my grandkids someday and still be able to experience that same beauty. I take the Leave No Trace values to heart and share that value with my couples.


I truly believe that an amazing experience holds so much value. I want you to feel that your wedding day was totally worth your investment in hiring me as your elopement photographer.


At Aspenglow Photography all are welcome and all will be treated with the same service and respect. I do not discriminate on whom I have in front of my camera.