I bet you have some questions

Are you considering something non traditional for your wedding day?

You're thinking maybe an elopement, but you're wondering what does that really mean and how does it work? Elopements are no longer sneaking away in the night to get married. They are crafted events designed to fulfill your vision of your wedding day.

 If you close your eyes and visualize a day specially designed to be intimate, intentional and all about you. If you see your day waking up in a cabin, getting your first look at sunrise and saying you'r vows on a mountain top at sunset. Perhaps an intimate gathering of a few close friends and family in the woods? How about sharing your first kiss while being splashed by an ocean spray? If this is more your vibe then an elopement wedding may be exactly what you are looking for.

I am here to help you create the most perfect day you can dream of. Not only am I your wedding day photographer, and story teller, I am here to be by your side the whole way planning and dreaming.


Together we got this.




Top 10 reasons couples elope

  • Unique wedding experience designed just for you two.

  • Couples want something authentic.

  • The big wedding day is just not for them.

  • Intimacy. They want to feel free to say their vows from the heart with out judgement.

  • Avoid family drama. Some families just aren't close and they don't want a negative vibe to jade their day.

  • Value experiences over material things. Not because they don't want to invest equally on an elopement as a big wedding. They have different desires of what matters and don't want the waste that comes with a large party.

  • Less anxiety and stress. They don't want get lost in a big wedding event.

  • Overwhelmed with the amount of time and planning required.

  • Some people don't like the spotlight. If they are shy or introverted they may not want the eyes of 100 people watching as they make their commitment to their partner.

  • Adventurous at heart and just don't fit with a traditional wedding. They want epic photography to tell the story of their day. Couples who elope care deeply about having their unique day captured so they can share their story.