5 Common Questions When Planning an Elopement

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

1. Q...Can I invite friends and family?

A...This day is about you sharing your love and if you want others there who support your love then by all means please invite them. Eloping can mean just the two of you or a few close friends and family. Most photographers like to keep the gathering under 25 people.

2. Q...Do we have to do a big hike to have an elopement?

A...Nope. Some couples love the idea of adventure and hiking but for others, that is just not their thing. If your not a hiker you can find a place that works perfectly for your adventure level. If you're down for a bigger adventure there are so many amazing ideas discussed during the planning process with your photographer.

3. Q...Does the photographer help choose a location?

A... Most elopement photographers work with you through the whole planning process, and deciding on the location is one of the first steps to planning your elopement day.

4. Q...What happens if the weather is bad?

A...Crazy weather has a way of creating some of the most amazing photo opportunities. Your photographer will provide you with a list of gear needed to be prepared.

Of course, the weather is something out of our control so be prepared to be flexible and your day will be amazing.

5. Q...What about Vendors?

A...Your photographer will provide you with a list of amazing vendors once the date and location have been set in place. Referrals for Lodging, florals, officiants, and hair and makeup are all part of the planning process.

Check out the FAQ page on my website for more detailed planning ideas.

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