6 Creative lodging ideas for your elopement adventure.

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Eloping is the new wedding trend that is sweeping the nation. Those who have been looking into planning an elopement soon discover that the only rules are there are no rules. This creates such an amazing sense of freedom to tap into the things the couple truly enjoy sharing together. One of the first things on the planning list is to find an amazing location for the ceremony and a great place to stay. Aside from photographing the day, my favorite part of helping couples plan for their elopement is locating some unique and fun places to stay. I have a great list put together so once I know what the couple has in their planning vision, and location, I can rock planning their epic elopement experience.

There are so many options, such as…

1. Tiny cabins, cozy and sweet, for just two.

2 Big cabins, which can accommodate your few special guests.

3 Lodges,

4 Spas,

5 Even castles! Yep, I said castle. I know where to find one!

6. And, my personal favorite, treehouses.

Finding the right lodging for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember, this day is about you and your partner. Save on stress and send me an email! I’d love to help you find the perfect place to say “I do”.


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