A Mountain Lake Elopement

This styled elopement shoot was such a blast. This couple was awesome to work with. We met at their family cabin, where we captured a few photographs as they were getting ready. With the dress and veil in place and Jacket and cowboy hat on, they were ready to start their lake cabin elopement day.

I thought I'd share a bit about this lovely shoot and the day I got to spend with yet another wonderful couple.

Dress provided by Believe Bride in Spokane, Wa.

The day started out at Amanda's family cabin, out near Harrison lake. It was nice to do a shoot at a place that meant something to the couple I was photographing. We began with a "First Look", a moment that I find to be so special. Many times, this is the moment where both parties are overwhelmed with raw emotion, showcasing their true love for one another. I think it is a valuable part of any elopement- even the adventurous ones,

Next, we moved to the beach, where Amanda and Matt popped some champagne to celebrate and calm their nerves. It is normal to have butterflies on such a day! I wanted to ensure that they felt nothing but comfortable, to feel free to be themselves, and to just have fun. A blanket was then laid out on the sand where they shared this special time together talking to one another, sharing their drinks and sweet kisses.

After everyone's nerves were calmed, we walked back up to the dock to exchange vows in the sunset and to cut cake

A final stroll along the shore to complete this amazing day. A few quiet moments to reflect on the day and all the love that has been shared

The day is complete as the sun has set and the couple changes into some comfy clothes and snuggles up on a bench on the cabin porch, by candlelight.


An adventure elopement doesn't require hiking or climbing to be great. Truly, all it needs is two people in love (and one person to capture the moments). If a day like this is sounding amazing to you, reach out to me and ask how we can make it happen!

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