Who Loves Winter?

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Who loves the idea of eloping in the winter?

This couple was so chill and easy going and we had such a fun day. Jenny is a good friend of a couple who did an engagement session with me in October. She loved their photos and reached out to me. She had purchased a beautiful green dress for a different occasion that ended up getting canceled. She asked If I would be interested in taking some photos for her in that dress. Of course, I loved the idea! I knew this couple was adventurous and loved the outdoors, so I asked if they would be willing to take part in a styled shoot with me. Without hesitation, they agreed!

We set the date and started making plans. I did some scouting for a great place to take photos and decided on two locations near Couer D'Alene, Idaho. We started our day early, on a local dock with the fog creeping in the background. With it being only 25 degrees out, it was freezing. We kept Jenny wrapped in a blanket as much as possible but she was such a trooper. Their daughter was my little helper for the day. She held flowers and was quick to have the blanket ready for her mom. We all took a little break to warm up with some hot cocoa. You could tell that my little helper loved sharing that moment with her parents.

This couple was so sweet, they have been married 10 years and they are still as in love as on their wedding day. They refer to each other as Husband and Wife which I find so endearing.

Our next location was a hike. We put on coats and gloves and ventured out, securing the Bouquet in Mike’s backpack. We had a picnic in a beautiful spot and popped some champagne. The sun finally warmed us up, and we were able to capture some beautiful moments. We found the perfect location to have their ceremony, where they exchanged rings and vows. It was such a beautiful, intimate moment, and I was honored to be there to capture their love.

Yes, it was cold but stunning photographs were taken and memories were preserved, regardless of the cold weather.

Interested in learning more about eloping at any time of year send me a note.

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