Ben & Danielle

I met Ben and Danielle in a location I had been scouting out and thought would be a magical forest to take photos in. It turned out to be just that. The sunlight through the trees gave everything a beautiful glow. I was able to capture some images of Ben and Danielle before they changed into their wedding attire.

Dress on and Bouquet in hand the session just flowed perfectly. They were so playful vibrant and easy to photograph.

Of course, we had to include this cute pup in a few of the photographs.

After spending time in the forest we drove to a look-out location, where we captured more images and they shared sweet words, exchanged rings, and sprayed me with Champaign as they poped the cork for their toast. I stayed back as they shared their special words with each other, they looked so sweet and sincere, then Ben made a funny joke and we all cracked up. There was such a variety of emotions that were shared, all of which I was able to capture.

Leaving the lookout, we headed to a new destination to catch the sun as it set. While waiting on the sun to set we caught some really fun moments of Ben and Danielle sporting some styling shades. Of course, more laughter was shared.

As the sun was setting we captured some romantic images of this sweet couple hugging, kissing, and laughing. As the sunset behind the mountain, we called it a day. And what a perfect day it was.

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