Dog's are family too

Anyone who is a dog lover knows that they are a part of our family. If you're anything like me, you consider yourself a dog mom, or parent. So why not include your furry family members in your special day? Choosing to elope gives you the freedom to make your day any way you chose. The energy and excitement a dog can bring to your day, as well as the amazing calming effect a dog has, is a most welcome aspect.

As an elopement photographer, I love having dogs as a part of a photography session or engagement.

They help create laughter and smiles to all the playful souls around.

However, there are a few details to keep in mind if you're planning on having your dog be a part of your elopement day. Most U.S. National Parks do not allow dogs on trails, tundra, or meadows, so a national park may not be an option for you. There are a few parks that are more pet friendly than others. The North Cascades in Washington only allow dogs on the Pacific Crest Trail, however, it runs all the way down to Southern California. The Pacific Crest trail will allow you to have your dog overnight on a backpacking trip.

The Grand Canyon allows dogs on any of the hiking trails that stay above the rim of the Grand Canyon, including the South Rim trail. Dogs must remain on a leash at all times for their safety. There is even a kennel offered to visitors at the South Rim trail so you can enjoy time with your dog and still be able to explore below the rim of the canyon.

For additional pet-friendly information, check out

Work with your elopement photographer to find the best options on locations and lodging that will accommodate your furry child. Some campgrounds will allow pets in public areas but not on the trails. Your elopement photographer and planner may have other suggestions, such as pet-friendly mountain cabins, lodges, or Airbnb.

Another option could be to bring your pup along on your elopement and work with your photographer to get some playful photographs either before or after your ceremony. You could then ask a friend to stay with your dog while you go off on your own for some more scenic photography opportunities and to share your wedding vows and rings.

Want some help planning a pup friendly elopement? Send me a message.

Tell me about an adventure you had with your pup.


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