Four ways to Elope. What's YOUR STYLE?

Elopements can be just about anything that fits your style and level of adventure.

1. There is the elopement for those who love nature and the outdoors but may not want it to include a grueling hike and adventure next to mountain goats and that's alright. Creating your personalized elopement is about creating something that is totally you. Perhaps you see waking up in the morning in a warm cabin with running water and a batch of muffins ready to go into the oven to be enjoyed with that hot cup of coffee that is calling your name. You want to wear a gorgeous flowy dress or tailored suit that expresses your true personality.

Sharing your vows amongst towering trees and a beautiful blue sky is your dream, or maybe along a coastline as the waves roll in. How does ending your day with a candlelit dinner prepared by an amazing personal chef sound? This all sounds pretty dreamy to me.

2. Are you a person who likes a challenge and wants to exchange your vows on a mountain top? Perhaps a yurt or small cabin in the woods or a fire tower are what you vision.

Beginning your day at sunrise for your first look and then hanging out in a hammock, kayaking or fishing, and enjoying an afternoon picnic before starting your journey to the mountaintop. How about capturing some epic photos at sunset, exchanging vows, sharing the first dance, and simply enjoying the beauty that surrounds you. Hiking back down in the dark with headlamps enjoying an amazing experience and sharing the company of your newly beloved. Imagine building a campfire, grilling the fish you caught earlier in the day and chilling by a fire listening to music, and making smores to wrap up this perfectly created wedding day. This is the type of day that talks to my soul.

3. Maybe you're looking for a backcountry adventure. You see yourself waking up in a tent with that crisp morning air and building a campfire to get that aromatic coffee brewing and warm your frosty hands. You take your morning slow and easy as you prepare for your epic day. Maybe you cook up some pancakes and bacon and ease into your day gently. That special place you have chosen to say your vows and exchange your rings awaits your arrival. Helping each other change into your wedding attire and begin the hike to that special place sparks mixed feelings of peace and excitement. Today is planned to be just about the two of you, allowing you to be completely vulnerable and authentic. It is just you two and your photographer there to capture the day and tell your story. You spend your day hiking and exploring and sharing the beauty of nature together. You find that perfect place and share your intimate vows with just you two, exchange your rings and share that first kiss as a married couple. The day draws to a close around a glowing campfire and a few beers or a glass of wine. This type of elopement is so personal and special and just about you.

4. What about a destination wedding? Is an amazing location calling to you?.

Maybe you originally planned a large wedding and somewhere along your planning journey, you decided it wasn’t really what spoke to your soul. Does your soul seek to travel and adventure and discovering new places? Well, surprise there is actually a thing called destination weddings. As with all elopement planning, your first step is to find a photographer that jives with you and makes you feel as if you have been friends forever. Start dreaming big and vision that perfect place to exchange your vows and say “I do”.

Do you see yourself starting your day waking in a new country? Sharing in a new culture, experiencing something you never dreamed of before. Exchanging your vows on a white sandy beach or on a seaside cliff and spending your day walking in the sunshine or maybe sailing across to another Island? Allow yourself to dream big. A destination elopement may just be that dream vacation that has been calling to you for years. Embrace a new adventure with a destination elopement.

What vibe are you looking for?

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