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I won’t lie, makeup has never been my forte, but I dove down into the depths of the internet and picked the brains of some talented people to get you the information you need. So let’s chat about how you can keep your hair and makeup fresh during your special day!

First things first, be sure that you take the time to look at the location. Do your research so that you know what information to bring to your stylist. Consider the elements you might run into. Will there be rain? Snow? Wind? Be sure you know exactly what you could expect before deciding on a hairdo.

If you are planning on eloping in a warmer climate, then having your hair down is a great option. Consider curling your hair, or adding flowing extensions to give yourself a fairytale look. If you do curl your hair, be sure to apply plenty of hairspray. For climates where you are more likely to get wet or snowed on, consider keeping your hair up. A simple boho half-do would be a great option too, seeing as it doesn’t matter if strands come loose. Be sure to check out Pinterest for ideas on different updos!

Other things to consider would be if you are hoping to add on accessories. Do you have a hairpin in mind? A flower crown of sorts? All these are welcome! They are light, easy to carry, and we can pack them in if you only want to wear these accessories for the ceremony.

I think we have touched on some good topics about hair, now let’s chat makeup. Before diving into the specifics, think about yourself and what you are wanting. Do you want a natural look? Or are you going for more of a dramatic look? If you are using a stylist, be sure to have some examples in mind of exactly what you want!

Also, consider what you choose to wear makeup-wise on a regular basis. Do you enjoy wearing makeup and are you comfortable in it? Or do you prefer a more natural look? How you feel will ultimately guide your decision in your look.

Something to consider when taking your photos is that features can easily get lost sometimes. I recommend that you at least apply liner along the top lash line to give your eyes that added pop.

Be sure to use products that are able to withstand the elements and a little bit of sweat. Apply a strong setting spray once your look is completed- and be sure to pack a makeup bag for touchups later! Consider hiking with powder and blotting papers so that you can keep your makeup fresh all day!

And don’t forget the lipstick! You will want to have it with you so that you can reapply as needed.

Ultimately, today is about more than just your hair and makeup. Today is about you and the person you love. Embrace the imperfection that comes with an adventure elopement and know that the day will go well no matter what you choose to do with your hair and makeup.

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