Jewel Basin Elopement location scouting// Flathead National forest and Eureka, Montana

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

After photographing an elopement session in White fish Montana I was totally drawn back to the beautiful state of Montana to do some elopement location scouting.

White fish Montana Elopement. Kristina and Garrett, an amazing, fun, beautiful couple.


Day One: Lakeside Montana

Jewel Basin Scouting trip

For those of you who know me you know I love finding little log cabins to stay in while out adventuring. We chose to stay two nights in Lakeside, Montana knowing there were lots' of trails nearby to checkout. We found an amazing log cabin just out of town a bit with a hammock out back to chill in , a fireplace, romantic tub with candlelight and amazing view in the morning looking out to the forest in all directions. Yes, this is my kind of place. Of course I also appreciate being in the woods in a tent just simply enjoying the beauty and peaceful sounds of nature as well.

Enjoying our arrival day we checked out the area and had a great place for dinner at Tamarack Brewing Company sitting on the deck by the river. My hubby, Brad, tried the bison burger, mmhmm, yummy! Our log cabin provided a relaxing night and prepared us for our next day.


Day Two : Camp Misery

My hiking buddy and hubby Brad

The road to the camp Misery trail heads was defiantly a bumpy wash board road, luckily we had the jeep. After quite the drive we arrived at the trailhead.

Our first day we set out to follow trail 7 in the Jewel basin down to Birch lake. Amazing views, crossing a few creeks and constantly climbing carrying my camera gear we arrived where all the trails split off.

The day was so beautiful, fall colors everywhere, amazing views of the lakes below and feeling strong, well Brad was, we decided to venture off and take trail 717. Camp Misery to Mt. Aeneas, not knowing at the time it was rated strenuous

loving the fall colors!

We hiked, and hiked and hiked, the trail continuously getting steeper. Luckily we both had new boots we were loving, carrying our new camel backs for water and of course some breakfast bars and cheese and apples to keep us going along the way.

We finally reached the top and what an amazing view, we could see all across the valley with a view of the lakes below, ( yep the one we had planned to hike to on trail 7), and the beauty of the Jewel basin. We explored around the top area photographing this gorgeous location and we decided to take a rest and enjoy the lunch we had packed. ( Nothing to exciting...PB&Js) but we were definitely ready to refuel.

Imagine sharing your wedding vows here.

As we were sitting down to lunch we had a few visitors, I don't think I have ever been so close to an animal in the outdoors, it was both scary and amazing. There were four sheep and a baby that walked right past us several times. They just checked us out for a minute and went on their way. Was totally cool!

As you can see the hike was amazing and the prize at the top was unbelievable.


Day Three: Eureka Montana

We packed up our things and left our Lakeside, Montana cabin.

Leaving the Jewel basin was difficult, we could have spent a week in this area with all the hiking trails and lakes.

Deciding to stay an extra day in Montana we wanted to check out the 10 lakes scenic area and hike to Bluebird lake. Having not planned to stay another night we began looking for an Airbnb in Eureka. We found the best little place to stay with an amazing couple who were the hosts. The Abiquiu Suite was perfect for what we wanted. (I am also a sucker for finding great airbnb lodging). Sally and Ian were such a sweet couple, and they also own the coolest little shop in town as well as an art gallery. If ever in Eureka, definitely stay with them and check out this cute little town in western Montana, just 9 miles from the Canadian border.

Headed to Blue bird lake.

After 18 miles of washboards and pot holes we arrived at the trail head to Bluebird and Wolverine lake. (Next trip). We passed a black bear on our way out, it just stoped, checked us out and headed back into the woods. YES!! we had bear spray in our packs.

Learned the next morning that a grizzly and three cubs passed right through that area.

Blue bird lake is a 4.5 miles out and back trail. It was so peaceful, we passed only a few folks along the way. One couple from Canada with their two pups and a grandma and grandpa taking their grandson out to the lake to camp for the night as well as some fishing and of course some S'mores, this little guy was pretty excited. Love it! I can't wait until my grandson is big enough to take camping.

Beautiful Bluebird lake. The hike to this little gem was perfect for our final day of scouting in Montana. We will definitely return again and again to this amazing state. There are so many epic locations outside of Glacier that aren't crowded, that would be perfect for an elopement wedding location. If you want to learn more about wedding elopements and Whisper photography check out my website with lots of location info and a guide on How To Elope in Montana.


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