Kristina & Garrett: A Montana Elopement

Kristina and Garrett are still in the newlywed phase and they are oh so cute together.

They were married in Salt Lake City and had a big, downtown wedding. Now the couple resides in Great Falls, Montana, and they decided that they wanted photos taken in their new home state.

We decided that it would be best if we met in Whitefish, Montana. It was a short drive for me, and it was also a place that Kristina and Garrett have visited before. They told me that they had fallen in love with the beauty of this specific area.

I rented a mountain condo so I could arrive the night before to do some location scouting.

When I awoke the next morning, I discovered snow, cold, and cloud-covered mountains. At first, I was bummed, since I was hoping to capture some photos with an epic mountain backdrop. However, I am always prepared for plans to change and was able to reroute the location to a backup spot.

The couple met me at the condo to touch up hair and makeup and get dressed. Kristina had found a beautiful boho-style dress that was just perfect. It boasts an open back, a gorgeous lace pattern, with a fringe on the end, completing the look. Garrett completed the look in his Military uniform.

We also had some fun with hats and a cool white leather embroidered jacket. Having extra accessories can be fun to add to the sessions. Not only do they create a new look, but they also can help with posing and bringing out someone's personality.

We began the photography session at a nearby pond in their casual, Montana-style attire and captured some amazing reflection photographs. Waiting on the sun to peek out from behind the clouds we returned to the condo for the couple to change into their wedding attire. We then returned to the pond and captured a few more photos in their formal outfits. We were praying that the clouds would roll away long enough for the sun to shine.

After about an hour of photographing at the pond, we decided to head out to the lake in hopes the mountains would make an appearance. Finally, the clouds broke away and we were able to capture some beautiful mountain and lake images. This couple was so natural and playful together, which helped to make the photography session amazing.

We had one more stop at this green, open field, filled with flowers to finish off the day. Barns and mountains were acting as our backdrop for the photos. As we began to wrap things up, the clouds rolled back in and the temperature dropped down. We were thrilled that the sun cooperated for at least a little while.

Returning to the condo to dress with warmer clothes and warm up with some coffee we chatted for a bit and then Kristina and Garrett got on the road towards home.

It was so fun to work with a couple that was already married and wanted to have a photography session just with the two of them. I was able to witness the love these two people have for each other, and there is no greater feeling.

Even if you are already married, you can still go out with your significant other and get amazing photographs with them. You can go to awesome locations that mean the world to you, dress up, and marry that person all over again. Everyone is different, just because you didn’t originally elope, doesn’t mean that you can’t revisit the idea later on.

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