What is a Family Blending stone ceremony?

Elopements aren’t always just two people simply saying their vows together on a mountain top. Just as elopements are about thinking outside the box, so are some of the traditional ideas. One of those traditions may be a blending ceremony. Many couples are saying I do for the first time but there are many other scenarios as well. Perhaps a couple is beginning a new path in life and their elopement means bringing two families together.

I was married in July of 2020 and we both had adult children to bring into our marriage. We had a small wedding in the mountains near Leavenworth, Washington. We really wanted to keep the simple mountain wedding concept within the events of our ceremony. We only had our children and their partners there to celebrate with us.

Even though our kids are in their twenty’s, we still wanted to do some sort of blending ceremony. Something different that signified the joining of these two families, and creating one new family. We combined a few ideas together and created a stone ceremony to represent the blending of two families and of our joining together.

Our stone ceremony looked like this:

Before the wedding, we gathered river rocks from along a stream in Spokane. At the ceremony, the stones were placed in a wooden bowl with a sign asking each guest to choose a stone and write something to us and then hold that stone during the ceremony to send out their blessings and best wishes. We created two stones for my husband and I and shaped them as hearts with a hole on the side. Near the end of the ceremony, we had each guest place their stone back into the wood bowl. We then tied our two heart stones together and added them to the bowl, thus bringing all the stones together as our family.

Having each person write their personal note and then add it to the bowl was such a unique way to show the blending of two families coming together.

Those stones were placed in a vase and they sit on our mantle as a memory of that special part of our small wedding day.

As someone who has experienced a moment such as this, I can tell you that I genuinely believe it is worth the little extra touch added to your wedding day. . This event includes your children in the beginning stage of this new journey. It doesn’t have to be like our stone ceremony. Your unity ceremony can be any unique idea you choose! If you have younger children, consider having everyone pick their favorite candy, and then have everyone pour their candy from an individual mason jar into one larger jar labeled “US”.

Another idea is to have everyone bring a small jar of colored sand, and blend the sand together in a medium-sized jar. Of course, keeping the jars a reasonable size for packing in and out. The day is yours and the ideas and possibilities are endless!

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