Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Yes, it’s a song but one with true meaning.

It seems crazy to me that at the very best we will only know four generations of people during our lifetime. Only young children will have the opportunity to meet their great grandparents and most won’t remember them. We really only get the opportunity to know our parents, our grandparents, and our children.

I am in the season of life where my parents are older and my grandson is only 10 months old. He will never really know my parents. The old ones leave us and the new ones are born. The memories fade and are lost. The only way they are remembered is through stories and photographs. This reality is inevitable but still tugs at the heart.

This reality is why I became a photographer. I value memories so deeply and I don’t want them lost in time. I want to tell my grandchildren of their great grandparents and share what memories I have of their great great grandparents. That is the farthest out that I can remember. I have no memories of my own, past my grandparents.

Technology for me has taken away that ability to share a photograph and a story. I believe a

printed tangible photograph holds a story within itself. I hope that people will see how a photograph tells the story of a person’s place or time that can never be seen again. Turn your images back into tangible photographs, hold onto them and their stories and pass them on to the next generations.

Do you have boxes or albums that hold your photographs and memories?

Do you only have digital memories?

Love grows deeper with each passing year.

If your looking to celebrate an anniversary or vow renewal with your long time love send me a message.


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