Picking Out A Suit or Tux

Alright gentlemen, the time has come and you and your partner have chosen to elope! Now you need to find the perfect attire for the day. It is pretty traditional that the dress gets ALL the looks but this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a stunning suit or tux as well.

Once you know the location of your elopement, you can coordinate the colors of your suit to work with the landscape! Think of colors that will complement the landscape and help you stand out from the backdrop. You are competing with mountainous views, waterfalls, and tall trees ya know. If your location has a lot of warm tones to it, think cool tones for your suit, such as navy, grey, or dark green. If the landscape has more cool tones in it, consider wearing a suit with warm colors, such as tan or maroon.

Consider the season of your elopement. This will help you decide on a fabric. You may want a heavier suit, like wool or cashmere, if you're planning on eloping in the winter months. If you are eloping in the summer, you can go with a lighter weight fabric such as cotton. Also, keep in mind that your elopement is NOT your traditional wedding. Be prepared to be a tad adventurous, as you will be spending the day hiking, climbing, dancing, and celebrating. Chances are that you will end up getting your suit dirty (which is 100% ok!), so you don’t need to break your wallet purchasing a fancy one.

When it comes to accessories for your suit, many are looked over. When it comes to ties or bowties, don’t be afraid to try something unique. You could choose a solid tie to add a pop of color to the ensemble or you could choose a wild pattern. Something to consider when choosing a design is that smaller, less detailed patterns will photograph better than bold ones.

You could also choose to wear a boutonniere. This is a small pin of flowers (typically matching the bouquet) that you pin on the left lapel of your blazer. It sits just above the heart and symbolizes the connection between you and your partner on this day.

Don’t let the wedding dress be the only star in this show! Spend some time thinking about what kind of suit you want to wear to celebrate this day. There are so many options out there, and you can tailor it to your style. Be sure that your suit isn’t too tight, since you will be adventuring. And be ok with choosing something that you are ok getting dirty in. You definitely do not want to spend this day worried about if your suit gets dirty.

Have fun shopping!

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