Sunrise or Sunset: When should I elope?

No one can argue that a sunrise or sunset can create the perfect backdrop for your elopement. The vibrant colors of reds, oranges, yellows, and blue paint the sky to celebrate the beginning and end of the day. Photographers know that both times of day are some of the best times to capture photographs. So know you need to decide, do you want to elope during a sunrise or sunset? Let’s go over some pros and cons for both.


If you are an early riser, then sunrises might be calling your name. The seclusion during sunrises is abundant, seeing as it truly takes a morning bird to choose to wake up before the sun to celebrate their elopement. This means popular locations will more than likely be quiet if you choose a sunrise elopement. The weather in the area you choose will always vary, however, in the PNW mornings typically start off foggy (except in Summer), allowing for some pretty surreal backdrops.

Another great thing to consider about a sunrise elopement is time. You start your day saying your vows and you can spend the rest of the day celebrating! There is more time for an all-day adventure. If you want to incorporate a fun activity into your wedding day, such as kayaking, ziplining, horseback riding, etc. You could even have a small celebration with family and friends afterward!


Not everyone can wake up before the sun, which is why sunsets are so great. You can start your day sleeping in! You’ll have most of the day to get ready and organized as well. And if you are hoping for a long hike to the top of a mountain, you might not want to do it in the dark. And that is ok!

Eloping at sunset also can give you and your partner time to warm up being in front of a camera. Not everyone is used to hearing the clicks of the shutter or someone following them throughout their day, so spending the day warming up to this new feeling can help you feel more comfortable during your sunset photos. Want to plan a sunset elopement? Let's chat.

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