Three Tips to Planning A Destination Elopement.

What is a destination wedding? For me, It means anywhere outside of the state where you live. It could mean traveling across the US or something epic out of the country. My bucket list is Greece and Italy. If you want something non-traditional and value experiences, then you may love the idea of a destination wedding. I just spoke with a couple who want to elope in Santa Barbara California. One couple married in a castle in Prague, just the two of them. Another couple had their wedding plans uprooted from COVID to go to Aruba. They chose to do a small wedding near their home and are planning a later trip to Aruba where they want to leap off a cliff in their wedding attire. Yes Please! You won’t have to ask me twice.

So what are some tips to pull off a destination elopement?

  1. Think of that one place that you have always dreamed of going to or a place that has special meaning to you as a couple. Decide what the mood is that you want? Is it a quaint little ocean town? Hiking Machu Picchu with llamas to carry your gear? Check out Rainbow Mountain Llama Trek A thatched hut in the jungles of Costa Rica, a floating cabana in Aruba, the cliffs of Moher in Ireland? (I know a really awesome Airbnb for you there. Gleeson’s Cottage, Bohola) Find your vibe and then start searching for the perfect location and lodging.

  1. Next, start making your travel arrangements. Make sure you have a current passport and check on any travel restrictions that might be in place. A great way to cut on travel expensed may be to use a credit card that rewards you with free or discounted flight tickets. Plan ahead and start putting all your expenses on the reward card and who knows you may get a free ticket. Many airlines offer credit cards with these benefits. Check out what airlines fly where you want to go and cha Ching.

  2. Start thinking about who you want as your photographer. (wink wink). I know one who would love to travel to your destination elopement to capture your love story in photographs, and I cover all my travel expenses. I think most couples believe they need to find all their vendors at their destination. That may be true for florals, cake, and other things but remember your photographer is there with you to tell the story of your entire day. You will want someone you click with, someone who makes you feel comfortable and confident. It may be wise to choose a photographer you can meet with and get to know before you go. Most elopement photographers work with you throughout the planning process and help create a timeline for your elopement day to make sure your day goes as planned. By the time the planning is complete, you will most likely have made a new friend in your photographer.

Hopefully, these tips have at least sent you down the path of dreaming and considering your own destination elopement wedding.

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