Top Three Must-Have Items for Your Elopement

Planning your elopement is exciting but can get a little crazy! Between picking the location, finding your bouquet, attire, so on and so forth, it can be easy to forget some pretty important things. Your elopement photographer will be there to help with the details so find one you feel comfortable with. Here are some essentials that you should be sure to have before you begin this elopement adventure.

  1. Your vows. Be sure to bring your vows with you in some way. Purchase a journal just for these special words and be sure to write them beforehand. The moment of a couple sharing their vows is so intimate and special, something we photographers love to capture. If you feel like you can memorize them, then there is no need to have them handwritten. However, having them can be a wonderful memory to hold onto. After the wedding, you could take your vows and place them in a shadow box with the flowers, veil, or any other special detail you’d like to keep.

  1. Champagne and plastic flutes (or bubbly cider if you aren’t a drinker). Trust me when I say that popping a bottle of champagne makes for an epic elopement shot! Having a moment to settle down and relax during such a big day is important. Stopping to enjoy a drink not only gives you a short break, but it also lets you celebrate such an intimate moment. Of course, make sure to find the cork and an option for the toast is sparkling water, save the good stuff for later so you don’t lose it all in the toast spray. These tricks will help in following the Leave No Trace practices. Of course, a fun beverage can be enjoyed after the toast! Let’s celebrate the two of you!

  1. The rings! Obviously, you know this, but it just cannot be stressed enough! Ensure that you have the rings packed in a special spot where they will stay until safely on your finger. Or ask your photographer if they would be willing to hold the rings. Don’t forget to have your photographer get close-up shots of the rings. There are so many ways that this small token of love can be captured. Your photographer will have plenty of ideas, and most likely has planned the perfect shot to capture your rings in the location and environment of your elopement.

You’re going to need a lot more than these items to make your day successful, talk to your photographer, they are there to help you plan and ensure you have everything you need. These items are definitely on the top of the list of things you will want to have to make sure your elopement is as wonderful as you imagined. For a more complete list of items, you will want for your elopement contact me.

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