What exactly is an elopement wedding in today’s times?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Elopement [ih-lohp-muhnt]


Creating an intimate and couple focused wedding experience.

Couples today are more focused on their relationship with their partner and see the value of a more intimate experience... Eloping allows couples to create a wedding day designed

specifically for them, not everyone else. Saying vows from the heart just between the couple, free to express their true feelings without judgment. Today’s elopements are similar to big weddings in the sense it can be an all-day experience.

Just like a traditional wedding, the story of their wedding day is captured in photographs. Having a photographer tell the story of their day is just as important as a traditional wedding, possibly even more, since they are the only ones witnessing the couple’s event and telling their story. Capturing your day, starting with getting ready, the first look, vows, and rings. Popping champagne. And the first dance under the stars or by firelight.

A lot of couples like to make their day adventurous saying their vows on the top of a mountain or in a forest, or on a beach. Or by adding some extra excitement and unique touch to their day with experiences such as a picnic, candlelight dinner for two, sailing, jeep tours, helicopter excursions, winery tours, pretty much anything the couple can dream of. This day is all about the couple and creating an amazing day to celebrate.

Most elopement photographers today take an active role in planning and guiding the couple to help them create their unique and personalized wedding experience and are willing to travel to the couple’s dream location. They are there to create an amazing experience and capture beautiful images to tell the story of the couples elopement day.

if this blog made your eyes light up and your heart do a little dance you know this is for you. Let's chat.

If you were to elope where would you most like to share your ceremony and vows?

1 Oregon Coast or beach location?

2 A hike to a mountain top

3 Small gathering of friends and family in the forest?

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