What kind of Flowers Should I Bring to My Elopement?

A question asked frequently is what kind of flowers to get for an elopement. What will hold up with the weather? The hikes, the wind, the packing, so on and so forth. And truthfully, there are more options than what I will be able to state in this short little blog. I’ll do my best to inspire you and give you some decent insight though.

But first, here is a question for you… why do brides even hold bouquets at their wedding? It is something we see in movies and we see it as the “normal” thing to do. Let me enlighten you with a quick little history of the bouquets. Back in Ancient Rome, it was believed that flowers signified new beginnings, loyalty, and fertility. Also, back then, brides didn’t carry bouquets, but garlands of flowers! (do it, I dare you!) Another reason for flowers was the superstition that they would ward off evil and bad spirits. Brides would add strong herbs to their garlands to drive away bad luck.

The bouquet has been around for a long time, and the idea of them has evolved with the times. I think it is fair to say that they are still relevant in today’s world. Especially when it comes to your elopement photos. Flowers add color and accent the vibe and feel of your day, A bouquet provides the bride something to do with her hands, and they come in so many amazing arrangements. And of course, it’s fun to add a Boutonniere for that extra touch.

One of the most popular bouquet types is to have real flowers. The biggest concern when it comes to eloping is how to get that delicate set of flowers from point A to point B. It can be done, I promise! You can carefully attach the bouquet to the back of a backpack, and hold them down with bungees and string, and I happen to know a little trick as well. A thought to consider is how well will they hold up in the weather. If the wind blows as you climb, will you lose the petals? If it rains, snows, or mists (We cannot control the weather, unfortunately), will there be any dye in the flowers that could bleed? These are some questions to take into consideration when deciding on flowers.

Take into consideration your location as well. There are some places that make for beautiful elopement locations, but you may not be allowed to bring in foreign plants to the area. You’d hate for a flower to drop some seeds and become an invasive species. This is all a part of leave no trace practices which is a program we take to heart as we love our outdoors and want to keep them.

So let’s say you cannot bring in REAL flowers for your bouquet. Do not worry! There are so many other options, even I am amazed at all the possibilities! Here are a few ideas for you to look into:

Silk Flowers

Paper Flowers

Wood Flowers

Air Plant Bouquets

Feather bouquets

Antler Bouquet

No Bouquet

I know the last one makes me gasp a little bit too… No bouquet? However, if you have a location that is overwhelmed with plants or flowers, perhaps you don’t need to add any more.

These flower alternatives will be easier to pack in and out, they won’t threaten the land, and they can still be unique and gorgeous.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your bouquet:

Consider the location. You want your bouquet to look natural in it, and not to compete with the amazing location that will be the background to your photos.

The season can also affect what flowers will be available to create your arrangement. If you choose fake flowers, it may not affect what you can get, but you should still be aware of the colors in the setting due to the season.

I will admit, I am not a floral expert. So, for your benefit and to help you get going, I am attaching some local florists below! They specialize in silk and paper flowers and can offer their professional guidance. Contact me if you are interested in learning more about locations and possibilities for your elopement.

216 W Pacific Ave #104, Spokane WA 99201

Riverpark Square • 1st floor

808 W. Main Ave • Spokane, WA 99201

Dress from Believe Bride

306 S Pines Rd

Spokane, WA 99206

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