Turn Your 2020 wedding blues into something amazing for 2021

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Let' see what's new in weddings for 2021

So you weren't able to have your big celebration in 2020. I know it was a major disappointment. But if your like me you discovered that prioritizing the small things brought much more focus on what matters most to us. It allows us to look deeper into our true selves and rediscover the simple things in life that really matter. Wedding concepts have made those same adjustments. It has allowed couples to rethink the idea of a big wedding and

re-focus on something smaller and more about them and their love.

The freedom of a small wedding or elopement allows couples to think out side the box and create something unique and specifically designed to them . This new freedom makes it easier to help family understand that you want something different than a traditional wedding. Something more intimate and personal for your wedding day.

What is the definition of an Elopement...

Creating an intimate and couple focused experience.

Elopements are no longer sneaking away in the night to get married.

They are crafted events designed to fulfill your vision of your wedding day.

So turn your 2020 blues into an amazing elopement experience designed just for you two. The sky is the limit. You can share your vows from a mountain top, on the beach in Oregon. Take an amazing trip to your dream destination and share your vows sailing in Greece. Hot air balloon, jeep tours in Utah, Vineyards and make your own wine. Picnics, horse back riding, or what ever makes your wedding uniquely you and amazing.

If you could create your own perfect wedding day what would it look like?

Was your wedding rescheduled and your looking for a photographer? I know a pretty rad one...let't chat.

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