Your Elopement Day Weather Forecast

Your elopement photographer is more than your photographer- they will help plan your whole day! And one of their specialties is understanding the weather patterns and having backup solutions for when the weather just won’t cooperate.

Let’s face it, the weather won’t know that it is your day and it’s bound to happen. It may rain when you least expect it. Your location might be snowed out, flooded, or even closed temporarily for the season. The point is, things happen, and as a bride or groom, the last thing you want to worry about is what to do when the stars don’t align.

Many times, your photographer will set up and discuss with you a second location- just in case your first pick is affected by the weather in some way. Your photographer will work with you ahead of time, this way you are still content with your second location. It might not be your number one choice- but it definitely will be better than having absolutely no backups.

Your photographer will also help set your expectations of the weather in the area. You should know what to expect weather-wise before choosing a location. Many times your photographer will help you find the perfect spot simply by asking you a few questions about your dream location.

Also, note that the time of year which you choose to elope will affect what the weather may be like along with the region. If you choose to elope in the PNW during the spring… chances are you will get wet. The PNW is well known for its rainy days which help the forests bloom in green. If you want warmer, dryer weather, some of the desert states are worth exploring but expect a warm and tan backdrop.

It is important to watch the forecast as you approach your elopement day. This will help you know what you should expect from the weather. It is wise to pack layers and waterproof jackets if you are going to a wetter region. For a place that has more sun, perhaps a hat and light clothes for hiking so you do not sweat on your way to the final location. Your photographer will help you with a list of what you will need to pack. They will ultimately be your guide for this day, and they will have the knowledge to help you hike through any weather.

Now, the weather doesn’t always mean you need to change locations. Let’s say you and your love just hiked a mountain, you are getting ready to say your vows when you smell the sweet smell of rain and drops begin to fall from the sky. You won’t need to hike back down and out to a second location. Embrace the weather and understand that it cannot change for you. Be flexible and know your photographer is watching the weather like a hawk. They ultimately want the best for you and they are here to help your day go as smoothly as possible… rain or shine.

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